As a prominent promotions agency, we tailor campaigns for each individual client to advise, promote and consult the artist on all aspects of Radio promotion. From the start of the campaign right through to the end, we believe strongly in building forthright relationships with clients in order to guarantee the best results possible, for both parties.

We provide National Radio Promotions for a diverse range of artists; new & established, homegrown & oversees, signed & unsigned; our only criteria is that the music needs to be fantastic!

We are extremely well-established within the music industry, having been independently plugging collectively for over 40 years. Mixing experience and enthusiasm, this diverse mixture of professionals working together in this fast-paced environment provides a creative working atmosphere and produces successful results in all areas of a campaign.

Based in W1, we are very accessible for all clients and are situated in the heart of the music and media industries; being a stone’s throw from the biggest radio stations in the UK doesn’t hurt either!

We are able to offer each of our services individually, or as a part of an overall promotional package. Please get in touch for more details.

Who we are

Fueled by Passion

How we work

You send us your music, and we hand deliver it to radio!

OK, so there’s a bit more involved but essentially it’s our established relationships that we’ve been building and honing for months/years/decades (!) within the UK Media which allow us to get your music heard.

National Radio stations such as BBC Radio’s 1-6 and the commercial sector radio groups, including Global & Bauer Media know us well & it’s these relationships which allow the music of our clients to be widely distributed throughout the industry. Our aim at Fleming Associates is to give the artists the best promotion possible, which includes playlist commitments, interviews and sessions on the appropriate stations, along with ongoing consultation as to the best ways of maximising exposure.

We also believe strongly in working alongside the artist in the lead up to eventually delivering product to radio to ensure that this is of the absolute best quality. We have a proven successful track record in A&R-ing radio edits/mixes to ensure that the client’s music is up to the quality of production expected at a National Radio level…